Through Architecture, We Can Help Our Society Thrive

New Republic Architects is an El Paso based architecture firm focused on improving our clients’ quality of life through design. Our firm was established in 2003 by architect Angel Ramos. From that day on, we’ve remained focused on our founding model. By creating inspirational spaces, we promote a healthier lifestyle. By designing environments that safeguard people and property, we promote economic growth.

At New Republic Architects, we continually educate ourselves in both the artistic and technical aspects of construction. Although our team doesn’t specifically build, we do provide professional consulting services to our clients. This service translates to guidance through the entire design and construction process. We’re focused on precision, from the first predesign to the moment we hand the keys over to our clients.

Proud Members of the American Institute of Architects

As members of the American Institute of Architects since 2004, we abide by a strict code of ethics and values. Members of the AIA stand for architecture that strengthens the community. Through architecture, we are able to craft a more sustainable future that allows for economic opportunity and growth. The AIA also implements a code of ethics that gives clients peace of mind.  As architects, it is our obligation to improve the community. These core values are the foundation upon which we build a future for society to thrive.

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle Through Architecture and Design

Our founding model is to improve others’ lives through the practice of architecture. Throughout our years in the architecture and design industry, we’ve seen the significant way buildings and space affect the community. Simply put, the more aesthetically pleasing the space or building is, the better the quality of life is.

When New Republic Architects designs a new project, we’re basically building an environment that provides a place for people to engage in everyday activities. This build environment directly impacts the mental and physical health of the community. With each design, our team strives to accomplish the goal set forth in our founding model.

Local Architecture Firm Licensed in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

At New Republic Architects, we understand that any construction project is a large undertaking that can give many clients pause. For this reason, we proudly offer as much assistance and guidance as necessary. We will use our own knowledge and experience to guide the way. Our team will be the bridge between you, our client, and the contractor who will bring the design to life. Nothing should be left up to chance, especially when designing and constructing a new project. As a local architecture firm, we want to see our community continue to advance and flourish. Contact New Republic Architects today to learn more about what our team has to offer.

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