Residential Design and Architecture:
Creating a Living Space that Matters

Residential architecture el pasoThrough design, the way of life of the community can be improved. This is the founding model at New Republic Architects and it is especially true in regards to residential design. Apartments, mixed-use buildings, and homes deserve thoughtful design. Residential buildings must serve a very specific purpose. By using architecture and design correctly, this purpose will be fulfilled as effectively as possible. The build environment has a direct impact on the mental and physical health of people in the community. Residential design and architecture has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community, especially in the lives of those who live within the residential space itself.

Designing Apartments and Mixed-Use Buildings

In order to successfully design an apartment complex or mixed-use building, a proper understanding of what’s necessary must be established. Our clients tend to fall into two different categories: those who know exactly what they want and those who don’t. The former may have a specific understanding and vision in mind and our team will simply organize that vision and create a tangible design. The latter—often known as “investors”—have many thoughts of what they want but may not be completely aware of what their true end goal may be. Regardless of the type of client, our team will be able to help.

Designing a living complex requires proper forethought. This building will become home to many, after all. It must have enough space for parking, enough space to comfortably house a certain amount of people, and enough space for it to be comfortable and pleasant. These buildings must also be beautiful, both in aesthetics and usefulness.
Since the New Republic Architects team is adept at both interior and exterior design, we can craft a project that’s both beautiful and useful. Each one of our designs strives to improve the life of our fellow human. By understanding the way architecture affects society and the community, New Republic Architects can yield a result that works on every level as efficiently as possible.

The Process of Working With an Architect

Now, it may seem like working with an architect would be a difficult task. In reality, architects make the entire process run as smoothly as possible. For starters, the New Republic Architects team will outline all the necessary plans according to what our clients require. Once that’s all taken care of, we will submit the designs to the City of El Paso in order to receive the building permit. From there, we will help the client select their contractor. Consider New Republic Architects as the bridge between the client and the contractor. We’re here to make the entire project run as smoothly as possible. Since our team knows the processes, we can basically mediate the project and give both the client and the contractor peace of mind and proper understanding. This is true for any project we take on.

Residential design requires a stable foundation in order for all those involved to succeed. New Republic Architects offers design services to Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Contact our team for residential design and architecture assistance! We look forward to working with you.