How Architecture Affects Our Quality of Life

Architecture and design has a substantial effect on human behavior and quality of life. This isn’t a mystical thought. In fact, it’s been proven through comprehensive research. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We, as humans, spend a great part of our lives in or around buildings. If the weather or people that surround us have the power to affect the way we feel, then surely buildings have this power as well. This fact is what propels the New Republic Architects team to design projects that will improve the lives of our fellow humans. This is, after all, our firm’s founding model.

Architecture and Design Affect All Living Things on an Intrinsic Level

It’s not all flowery, superficial talk. Architecture does affect our mood and quality of life on an intrinsic level. Extensive neuroscience research has gone into proving this hypothesis. But one doesn’t have to delve deeply into neuroscience in order to see how architecture affects us on a daily basis.

In architecture, we use the term “build environments” to describe man-made areas that provide a setting for activities. Homes, offices, stores, and roads all fall within the category of build environments. Simply put, everything that’s built by human hands is part of the build environment. This environment affects every single individual that lives within it. As a team, New Republic Architects strives to improve the build environment. We achieve this through meaningful design. Throughout our years in the design industry, we’ve witnessed the power architecture has on society first-hand. The build environment has a direct impact on people’s health. We strive to craft designs that keep people as happy and healthy as possible.

Architecture Matters, Inside and Out

When you see a beautiful house or curious museum, all your senses react accordingly. When you enter a hospital or museum, your mind and body immediately feel the effects of the design and architecture. When New Republic Architects designs any project, we keep these thoughts in mind. Exterior design must, above all else, serve to positively affect the community around it. Interior design, then, must work in accordance with the building's specific needs. When designing any project, one must always be mindful of how the finished project will affect society at large. It almost seems too easy! By being considerate of how architecture affects mankind, New Republic Architects can design a project that’s utilitarian, beautiful and beneficial for the community. Architecture matters. Make the most of it.