A Timeline of the Design and Construction Process

Construction design el pasoAt New Republic Construction, we design architecture for clients in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Although our team doesn’t build said designs, we do help the entire process run as smoothly as possible. We consider ourselves the bridge between the client and the contractor. In many circumstances, the client and the contractor may not speak the same language. This is where we come in to make sure the project is as successful as possible.

Phase I — Investigation and Information Gathering

Prior to starting on the design, we must quite literally investigate and research every detail necessary for the design itself. In this phase, we will ask our clients about the property’s location and about the budget itself. The site restrictions, preferences, and specific architectural programs will all be brought up and discussed. This phase is the foundation of the entire design and construction process. Once all these questions are answered, the New Republic Architects team will be able to start designing.

Phase II — Creative Predesign With No Restrictions

Before construction begins, New Republic Architects must understand exactly what the client wants and needs in regard to the design. After we gain the necessary information from our client, we will craft a preliminary design. This design can be seen as a “rough draft.” It will be a loose, freeform design without the restrictions of building codes or exact dimensions and materials. Our team will be able to create a design with the freedom to experiment creatively.

Phase III — Developing A Tangible Design

Using the freeform design as a template, we will begin to ground the design in reality. In order to ground a design, New Republic Architects will begin the development phase. Through development, we will start checking the rooms for the dimensions required to pass code compliance. We will also start to think about the materials and the process required to begin construction. This is the phase where we begin to put precise information into the design in order to make it a reality. Although we don’t build the building, we do dictate the exact materials that must be used throughout the construction process. With our design, the contractor will build the project to our precise specifications, which takes us to the next phase. Phase IV — Guiding the Construction Process

Now that we’ve set the metaphorical foundation for the design, it’s time for the contractor to begin setting the literal foundation for the construction project. Although the New Republic Architects team doesn’t specifically build the project, we are there every step of the way. We do this in order to give our clients and their contractors proper peace of mind. Any construction project, no matter how big or small, is an enormous investment.

First, we will help our clients select a contractor for the project. From there, we will bridge the gap between our client and the contractor throughout the entire construction process. Most clients aren’t well aware of the specific terms or processes of the construction industry. With our help, the client will be able to sit back and relax while the construction project proceeds accordingly.

At New Republic Architects, we understand construction processes, so we’re able to explain them to our clients in a clear, concise manner. We will basically guide our client throughout the construction process from start to finish. Everything from when to pay, when not to pay, and all they should expect as the project progresses. We will also help our clients review the cost of the construction in order to make sure it’s fair. Once everything is squared away, we turn the keys over to the client, who is now the owner of the building, and we congratulate them!

New Republic Architects — By Your Side Throughout The Entire Process

Dealing with an expansive variety of industries has allowed us to understand that every project is unique. Although all construction timelines differ, the New Republic Architects team will stand by our clients throughout the entire process. From the first pre-design meeting to the final day when we hand over the keys to the new building, the New Republic Architects team will be there. Contact us today to learn more about how New Republic Architects can bring the power of design and architecture to your project.