Commercial Architecture in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

commercial architecture el paso New Republic Architects, based in El Paso, offers commercial architecture services to the Southwest area. When it comes to commercial design, everything must work in tandem to yield the best results. It’s easy to see a commercial project as a sprawling five act play, one where every movement counts, building upon itself until it reaches the marvelous closing act. At New Republic Architecture, our process goes through five specific steps: pre-design, preliminary design, design development, construction document convergence, and construction administration. Each step holds special significance to the project at large.


Before any designing can take place, we must first build a metaphorical foundation through investigation and research. Throughout this step, we learn about the property’s location, the project’s budget, the site restrictions, and our client’s preferences. We will look for answers necessary to get started on the design process.

Preliminary Design

Once we have enough information from the client, we will craft a preliminary design. This design is loose and creative. Without thinking too much about restrictions, we put this preliminary design on paper.

The preliminary design is meant to meet the client’s expectations, all without having to get bogged down with building codes or exact dimensions or materials. This allows us to design with as much freedom as possible, to get a good understanding of what the client wants.

Design Development

After finding the design or an architectural solution that the client likes, we start grounding that into reality. During this design development phase, we begin to think about code compliance, materials, the process, and other developmental factors.

This is the phase wherein we start to put precise information into our design. Simply put, the design begins to take real, tangible shape.

Construction Contract Administration

During the construction contract administration phase, we gather all the answers, dimensions, notes, and other information concisely. This information is necessary for those who will be checking and working on the building itself.

The New Republic Architect team will outline every detail specifically within the project manual. This phase is incredibly technical and detailed. It is necessary for our clients, for the contractor, and for the inspectors to have as much accurate information as possible.

Construction Administration

This final phase can be considered the most important one. Through construction administration, the New Republic Architects team will ensure that the project is being built according to plan. Once construction is complete, our team will ask the contractor if the building passed all the city’s inspections. When a building is inspected and reviewed by the city of El Paso, the contractor will receive completed inspection cards. We will ask the contractor for copies of these cards.

After passing these inspections successfully, we will also require the Certificate of Occupancy. This document establishes the legal right for the building to be occupied. Once that’s taken care of, we gather all the necessary documents, make sure that the contractor is compensated, and the turn over the keys to the owner.

New Republic Architects — Commercial Architecture in the Southwest

At New Republic Architects, we understand the importance and significance commercial architecture plays in modern society. We also understand how tedious the process may seem. For this reason, we strive to make the whole journey as straightforward and organized as possible. If you’re in need of commercial architecture services, contact New Republic Architects today.